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Trogir is the city of Masters, the city which slowly but convincingly pulls us into an enchanted labyrinth of beauty, into narrow stone streets made of yellow smooth stone. The colours of the stone remind us of the colours of the warm, afternoon sun. The City of Masters began its master story with the portal of Master Radovan, Muscardelli, Aleši, Blaž Jurjev Trogiranin, Firentinac, and Duknović. These masters marked a turning point in the history of Trogir, placing it at the very top of the art world. Signs or marks that these masters have left will never be forgotten. The masters' signs invite us to discover and explore. They arouse curiosity and with each new discovery, we feel happiness and contentment. In these signs, we will find the pieces of life and struggle against oblivion, but also the personal signs of masters who wanted to mark their authorship over a particular building or sculpture. Once we visit Trogir, we create the memories that we will always carry in our hearts.

The great tradition of mastery in Trogir is still preserved by contemporary masters of art, crafts, and gastronomy. Their workshops reveal a completely different world, one that arouses curiosity and fills you with a sense of happiness and contentment. Contemporary painters, sculptors, and stonemasons produce art that will be engraved in your heart forever. The masters who make rafiol, carob products, or olive oil will offer you a unique tasting experience, while cobblers, tailors, and masters who make coral jewelry convey the spirit of the city all over the world.

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