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To this day, Trogir has preserved the spirit of the Mediterranean!

To this day, Trogir has preserved the spirit of the Mediterranean, which we admire in our Italian and French neighbors, and we do not notice it even when they rub our noses with it.

If you are lucky and have friends here, every year you surely enjoy the most wonderful specialties of the local cuisine: grill, peka or buzara. But don't worry, Trogir is a friendly town to everyone, and you will enjoy its cuisine even if you come here for the first time.

For a long time now, this city has not been boring in terms of gastronomy. There are no tables on the waterfront with red-checkered tablecloths where homemade wine is served that still smells like an old tavern. No! Here on the waterfront, you can eat great pizza or pasta, juicy steak or shrimp salad, or maybe you’re more for sushi? Smoked young cheese and homemade ravioli with truffles? Yes, and it’s tastier than it sounds! Start the day by the south city gate with coffee and the best tuna toast, while the locals at the table complain that it is too hot, commenting that they don't remember weather like this? Priceless! Or maybe lunch at a family restaurant where every detail is carefully chosen and set, and the staff is always smiling. And the food? Aside from the taste of being out of this world, we can only say how clear it is to us why people in some restaurants squirm over food while photographing it from all angles (hint: beetroot risotto with truffles doesn’t need filters). Are you in the mood for a special snack in the evening? Why not listen to Michelin’s recommendation and visit the only restaurant in town that carries this flattering recommendation? Let’s give you a gold-worthy tip right away: book your table on time. In Pašike, on the other hand, so many restaurants with excellent offerings, some stick to the traditional and offer fish and pašticada, while others experiment with tradition and contemporary. And maybe you are for dinner in one of the Trogir marinas? You will not make a mistake if you choose the terrace of the restaurant which has one of the most beautiful views of Trogir. Or to treat yourself to dinner at a restaurant on the Čiovo side of Trogir prepared by a

master chef and pair it with some of the 40 best Croatian wines and aperitifs? Ugh, it’s just a pleasure! And if the road takes you to a large woodpecker, be sure to stop by one of the boaters' favorite restaurants in the area, where you can eat the most wonderful fish with side dishes of vegetables from a nearby garden. There are many ways to taste Trogir, you just have to come.


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