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Aside from the rich historic culture, Trogir encompasses the beautiful island of Čiovo which is lush with vegetation, beautiful beaches, hidden coves, and is surrounded by small islands of the Trogir archipelago. In-between all of this richness you can find many small churches that served as refuges for hermits.

Another advantage of the island is that it has some of the most beautiful overlooking points, some from which you can see all the islands of the Split region. As such, Čiovo and the gulf of Trogir are ideal for sports activities.

Trogir can offer a wide selection of outdoor activities such as running, riding, walking, swimming, snorkeling, diving...

Diving is available in Trogir at two points: DIVING CENTAR TROGIR which is based in Okrug Gornji or BLUE NAUTICA in Trogir


Surrounding Trogir there are also the mountains Mosor and Kozjak or smaller Marjan in Split, that have many trails free for hiking and walking.


In-between them, there are many sports competitions throughout the year that include trail running or hiking.


Maybe you love boxing or yoga? No worries, we can help you there too – we love sports! In Trogir, you can also join a gym or fitness studio in the shopping center Marisa. The proximity to Kaštela and Split make it easy to find a solution for your interests.


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If you love tennis, soccer, basketball or handball you can find playgrounds for such sports in a radius of 2km from the town's center.

There are regular soccer tournaments on the Batarija soccer field - which is between the two remaining fortresses in Trogir! Check out the schedule below to catch a game!


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In May Trogir offers an Outdoor competition, so if you are in love with sports and adrenalin subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on the Trogir Outdoor festival.




If you are an active person and always in search of sports activities, you are in luck! Trogir can also offer you sea excitement such as surfing and kiting. Down the beaches of Okrug Gornji, Pantana and all the way down to Rogoznica you can find water sports such as these.



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A healthy lifestyle is important, and we don’t have to give it up during our holiday.

See you in Trogir!