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To truly experience Trogir, you need to taste it.


Grilled fish, brodetto, crawfish, shellfish, pašticada, lamb, veal, prosciutto, fresh vegetables which are homegrown, Dalmatian seasoning, the local sweet cake rafiol and so much more can really challenge your pallets if you desire to try original local cuisine.


Aside from traditional Dalmatian cuisine that you can find in most restaurants in Trogir, you can also find other cuisines. For example, how does slow roast sound? Or lamb shank in red wine sauce, smoked swordfish, almond aromatized venison, sea urchin risotto, white chocolate raspberry cake, maybe you would like to try lamb-burger, or veggie burger, sushi... Sounds delicious, right? And this is only a small part of what Trogir has to offer.


The food that is served on your plate comes from local fish markets, meat vendors, and homegrown vegetables from local gardens – the market itself is something you will want to see!

This whole gastro-story can be brought to closure with a wide offer of Croatian wines from Zinfandel, Plavac, Dingač to Pošip, Debit, Malvasia...


It’s up to you to decide whether you will discover this through a local restaurant, tavern, or street food. Either way, you NEED to taste it.

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