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The Tourist board of Trogir collects your data explicitly in this way:

If you contact us through one of the contact forms on our web page.

The data we collect are:

- Name and surname

- e-mail address


The purpose of the data collection is the possibility of a better and more quality answer to the question, plea, or request that the user sends through the web page, ie. contact form.



Certain personal data that we collect we can reveal to those subjects that do certain tasks in our name or are our service providers, like accounting, lawyers, and others that are in the sense of GDPR considered service performer (processor).

The processor can be a subject that, in sufficient measure, guarantees implementation of technical and organizational measures in a way that the processing is in accordance with the GDPR regulations and that it ensures protection of personal rights. So, in the above-mentioned cases those subjects, processors, are bound and limited by a contract about the data processing that they signed with us and that states which data of yours are they allowed to process and why.

Certain personal data that we collect, we are obliged to reveal to the authorities when such measure is according to laws and regulations or when protection of our rights, property, or security is needed.




Our Website uses cookies to work properly and to be able to perform further improving on our site in order to improve your browsing experience, which means our website must save a small file on your computer, mobile phone, or other devices (so-called cookies). Cookies stored on your device allow us to recognize you on different Internet sites, services, devices, and/or browsing sessions, and to store certain information and your preferences.

Before storing cookies, we are obliged to ask for your consent and a notification about cookies and an inquiry for consent appears when you open our website. If you refuse or disable using cookies, you may not be able to use some of the functionality of our website or its part.

For further information, visit and

We collect information about your IP address primarily for security and technical reasons, but also for the purpose of statistics and analysis and improving the quality of services we provide.

For more information, visit

Generally about the way Google uses the data collected from our websites visit




According to GDPR, you have certain rights in relation to your personal information that are listed below. You can exercise your rights at any time by contacting us as it is stated in Article 1. of this statement (Introduction).



Right of access

You have the right to request and receive confirmation from us as the collector whether your personal data is being processed and if such personal data is processed, access to personal data and information, in accordance with Article 15. GDPR.


Right to correction

You have the right to request from us as the collector the correction of personal data relating to you, and which are inaccurate or incomplete.


Right to erase (Right to forget)

You have the right to request from us as the collector to delete personal data relating to you,

and we shall delete them without undue delay if any of the conditions laid down in Article 17., paragraph 1. of the GDPR  is fulfilled.


The right to delete personal data is not an absolute right and it does not go beyond our obligations arising from applicable laws and regulations. So in certain situations, we will not be able to delete personal data to the extent that their processing is necessary.


The right to limit processing

You have the right to require from us as the collector limitation of the processing of your personal data if:

the accuracy of personal data is in question, for the period allowed to us as the controller to check the accuracy of personal data; or

processing is illegal and you oppose the deletion of personal data and seek a restriction of their use instead; or

we as the controller no longer need your personal data for the purposes of the processing, but you request them for the submission, exercise, or defense of your legal requests; or

if you have filed a complaint regarding personal data processing.


Right to transfer

You have the right to request and receive from us as controllers the personal data which are related to you in electronic form and transfer them to a third party if the conditions of Article 20., paragraph 1. of GDPR are met.


The right to object

You have the right, at any time, to object to the processing of your personal data based on a legitimate interest due to your specific situation, unless the reasons to perform such processing are stronger than the right to protection of personal data.


The right to complain to the supervisory authority

We will process your data in accordance with the GDPR, other applicable laws, and regulations, and

apply organizational and technical measures to protect personal data.

However, if you believe that we are processing your personal information in an illegal manner and you believe that you cannot find a solution to your situation together with us, you have the right to file a complaint to the supervisory body, which is: the Agency for Personal Data Protection with its registered office in Zagreb, Selska Cesta 136.

For more information, you can visit the official website




For all your questions, comments, and requests for the exercise of rights regarding your personal data, particularly the rights referred to in Article 13. of this statement, you may contact us in the ways set out in Article 1. of this statement (Introduction).

Please, when submitting a request for exercising any of your rights from Article 13. of this statement clearly state what is the subject of your request and to which personal data it relates. Bear in mind, that we will need to verify your identity before proceeding with your request, for your and our safety, therefore, there is a possibility that we will contact you back regarding your request.

We will consider each request and try to act according to the same within a reasonable time. Please note that certain circumstances may cause a certain time lag in the treatment, for example, if we receive a larger number of requests at the same time.

If you have requested the exercise of a right, such as deletion, or you have withdrawn your consent, there is a possibility to retain personal information or part of the personal information we have collected because of the needs that come from laws and obligations, or if there is a necessity for this for certain other reasons, for example completing any transaction started before submitting the request.

For all possible questions and information regarding the processing of your personal data and the realization of your rights, you can also contact our personal data protection officer, as follows:

Trogir Tourist Board

Address: Trg Ivana Pavla II / 1

21 220 Trogir

Telephone: 021 885 628





As the collector, we will monitor the situation regarding the protection of personal data and, if necessary, improve protection measures and other relevant issues, therefore we reserve the right to change and/or add on to this statement.

We will inform you about changes and/or add on to this statement by publishing them on our website

where you can find a valid version of the statement.

In Trogir on 28.07.2020. 

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