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Trogir is a destination characterised by a variety of natural, cultural, and historical attractions. One of the peculiarities of this Mediterranean city is its placement on the island and the indented island archipelago that belongs to the city. Trogir is also a well-connected tourist destination, and good roads, which provide tourists with fast and safe availability to travel to selected destinations, are particularly important for yachtsmen. The vicinity of the airport of Split, which is only a few kilometres away from the city, is also of great importance. When we add a number of cultural - historical monuments, a rich gastronomic offer, natural beauties, and a large number of islands belonging to the Trogir archipelago, Trogir is indeed a paradise for yachtsmen.

The Trogir archipelago is full of islands, islets and quiet bays, so it attracts numerous yachtsmen and random travellers who are always happy to return to it. The island of Čiovo is connected with a bridge with Trogir and offers many possibilities for rest, recreation and entertainment and hides numerous historical monuments. Mediterranean vegetation, mild climate and beautiful beaches in hidden bays make every visit to this island unforgettable. There are also several lookouts on the island that you can visit by bike and enjoy in a magnificent view. The ACI marina Trogir is also on Čiovo and is open throughout the year. Within the marina there are cafes, restaurants, a fitness center and charter agencies, and the vicinity of the Trogir city center makes it an ideal place to start your journey through the marvelous Trogir archipelago.

The islands of Drvenik Veliki and Drvenik Mali are particularly intersting, they are attractive to tourists because of their untouched nature and beautiful bays and beaches. If you need an escape from the busy everyday life, a trip to these islands will give you exactly what you need. Anchor in one of the bays and enjoy the intoxicating scents of nature and the view of the crystal blue sea.

Drvenik Veliki is only 8 nautical miles away from Trogir and is surrounded by several smaller islands. The first inhabitants of the island were refugees from Trogir and Drvenik near Makarska who fled the Turks. You can also visit some historical sights on the island, like the church of St. George from 1500., and Moretti and Tironi family villas from the 16th century. The village of Drvenik Veliki is the only inhabited place on the island, there is a marina for boaters in the village, and other suitable anchorages are in the Grabula bay and the Solinska bay in the south.

In the vicinity of the village you can visit numerous bays and beaches. The most visited beach is near the islands Krknjaši, known as the Blue Lagoon, There are also several restaurants on the beach so you can taste freshly prepared fish specialties and discover some of the secrets of Dalmatian cuisine. Drvenik Veliki is also interesting for adventurers who can explore the island while walking, cycling and diving.

Drvenik Mali is an island with indented coastline, and the sea around the island is shallow, therefore it is very suitable for fishing. Unspoiled nature, beautiful beaches and peaceful surroundings are great for a quiet and intimate vacation. This island is the perfect choice for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend their holidays in a place where time is passing by slowly, surrounded by nature, sunshine and beautiful sea.

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