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Trogir is fun, Trogir is full of entertainment.... Trogir creates unforgettable memories.

Trogir offers a variety of events that can enrich your holiday. Maybe you are looking for more calming, authentic festivals that are filled with amazing music and bands that call you to go on the dance floor, or maybe you are in for a more upbeat event by the poolside; are you an art enthusiast looking for a love affair between movies, music, and food? Maybe you just hold love for classical music or you never miss a rock concert? Either way, Trogir is the choice for you.

trogir adventura.jpg

A real Christmas fairytale in a small romantic town, which offers phenomenal concerts, children’s’ interactive afternoons, seasonal food, mid-day concerts all in a city filled with Christmas lights blinking from every corner. If you are in search of a magical holiday, then you do not want to miss the Trogir Winter ADVENTure.

klapske večeri trogir.jpg

Throughout history, A ‘Capella music has engraved into the identity of Trogir.

A ‘Capella singing - ‘’klapa’’ is a symbol of Dalmatia, and therefore Trogir. In 2012 Klapa multipart singing of Dalmatia entered the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The pride and honor of such valuable talent have encouraged Trogir to organize a festival of traditional A ’Capella which happens to be beginning of May each year – further in honor of the Maestro Nikola Buble, a native Trogirian.

kulakula trogir.jpg

An urban festival with Croatian famed bands and singers that perform in Trogir mid-summer. Inside the fortress, hot summer nights, great music, refreshing drinks, summer breeze, what else could you wish for?


This three-day-long festival is divided by a pool party on the first day and two following days in the castle Kamerlengo with high rated bands and DJs.

Trogir Winter ADVENTure

A’ Capella Masters festival

KulaKula festival 

Trogir Summer Festival

In summer, entertainment goes well with the smell of the sea, high temperatures, and cold drinks, right?

That’s why the Trogir Summer Festival has been filling the city streets and squares for decades now. A program with music, festivals, classic, folk dance, theatre, gastro, and movie festivals beginning from June till the end of September.

moondance trogir.jpg

Moonlight, sea, music, dance - Moondance!

A festival of electronic music with world-known DJ’s –inside the Kamerlengo Fortress in the middle of the old town of Trogir.

With its awesome location, carefully picked artists, Moondance is a prestigious event for true electronic music lovers.

Click here to see the lineup for 2021.

Moondance festival

opera selecta trogir.jpg

A pearl of classical music, a festival that presents some of the best opera singers in the world and brings to its audience a unique experience surrounded by the walls of a Medieval fortress.    

Since 2009, Trogir has brought to the stage names such as Alfredo Daza, Pavol Breslik, Anna Samuil,  Elena Zaremba, and many more and seem to surprise us each year with the spectacularism of the program.

Opera Selecta

bokun festival trogir.jpg

In September one of the most charming festivals in the park of Malarija, right next to the Kamerlengo fortress invites locals and guests to enjoy a wonderful combination of movies, music, and food.


If you are here during this time this is something you will not want to miss. With its slogan ‘’Culture to the people,’’ you can enjoy black and white movies followed by young performers and cuisines - you will definitely please all your senses.  

Bokun festival 



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