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Following the Masters' marks - guided tour of Trogir

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Cathedral of Saint Lawrence and its main entrance, Radovan's portal


The Cathedral of St. Lawrence also known as the Cathedral of St. John of Trogir is the most famous church in Trogir. The construction of the Cathedral lasted for five centuries and the mixture of styles can be seen on the bell tower. The first floor was built in Gothic style, the second in Venetian floral Gothic style, and the third in Renaissance style.

Several great masters contributed to the construction of the Cathedral. The most significant artistic value has the main entrance or Radovan's portal. The portal is a sculptural masterpiece.

The Monastery of Saint Nicholas and the Collection of Art Kairos

In the cloistered benedictine monastery of Saint Nicholas, you can visit the Collection of Art Kairos. In this wonderful collection, you can see the oldest relief in Trogir from the 3rd century B.C. The relief shows the Greek god of happiness, Kairos, which is depicted as a young man with wings on his back and feet.

Trogir City Museum in the Garagnin – Fanfogna Palace

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