Kamerlengo fortress

The Kamerlengo Tower adorns the very coast of the old city center

Located on the southwestern part of a small island, the tower is a perfect place to visit.

The tower itself was built between 1420 and 1437 during the Venetian conquest of Trogir, and is strategically located along the coast to serve as a defense. The fortress is made in the form of an irregular trapezoid with four towers at the ends, the oldest and largest of which was built earlier in the 14th century. The consultant for the building of the tower was Lorenzo Picino, while the stonemason Marin Radoj was in charge of the actual construction.

The fortress alone was created by closing the southwestern part of the city by using the already existing towers and walls.

Legend o’ Kamerlengo

The legend follows Kamerlengo, Trogir-Venetian governor who oversaw the power of the Duke’s court. He fell in love with Zora, a young woman from Trogir, but his family did not approve of his marriage, and instead made him marry Orsola Gatti. Zora eventually dies of grief, and Kamerlengo ends up having a daughter with Orsola who resembles Zora herself. Over time, the little girl gets sick and dies, and Kamerlengo is left alone after Orsola leaves him. Kamerlengo is then left alone and, according to legend, he became mute and never spoke again.

During the summer, the fortress becomes an open stage where you can enjoy concerts, plays and festivals.

To this day, the Kamerlengo fortress remains a symbol that reminds us to fight for what we love.

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