For thousands of years, Trogir has carefully guarded and nurtured the spirit of Mediteranean.

You can really eat well, speak loudly and grannies still keep the streets under control from their windows. With time Trogir has become a real gastronomical treasure trove feeding every visitor with savoury delicacies: some barbecue, a little bit of peka, brodetto and buzara.

Mare” is situated in XIV. ct palace on island Čiovo part known as “Lučica”. Cosy palace court gave us the inspiration to creat menu with modern touch and unforgettable scent’s of Dalmatia. What we like to give you is not a dinner it’s a experience.

Foto/web: Restaurant Mare (link)

We can agree that the best way of getting to know the town and its local culture is through gastronomy. Here you can eat the finest pizza or pasta, a juicy steak, a prawn salad or smoked cheese and homemade truffle ravioli.

Foto: CORTE Bar Trogir (link)

Start your day by the southern town gate with smooth coffee and the appetizing tuna toast. At the same time, you can hear the locals at the next table complain about the heat and comment that they can’t remember a summer like this one.

Start talking to them, it’s priceless!

It would be a shame to miss lunch in a small family restaurant where every detail is carefully chosen and the staff is always smiling and friendly. And the food? Fish, crabs and shellfish, lamb, veal, homemade prosciutto, Dalmatian spices and the traditional Trogir dessert rafiol


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Rafiol is a special story because every place has its own way of preparing this delicacy. You can find this traditional specialty in Sinj, Makarska, Imotski, Split, Trogir, and even on the island of Korčula. Trogir rafiol stands out for its long-standing tradition, as well as the legend associated with it. The legend follows a young girl, Rafioli, who, imprisoned in the Kamerlengo fortress, was waiting for her beloved to free her. She spent her days in captivity baking these delicious cakes. A nobleman from Trogir frees the girl and brings her to his court, where she bakes ravioli for him for the rest of her life.

Every family in Trogir has its own secret way of baking this dessert, and this secret is passed down from generation to generation.

Dalmatia is full of flavors, each of them unique and unrepeatable. Apart from the fact that it tastes out of this world, it’s quite clear why people in restaurants bend over the food while taking pictures of it from all angles (hint: beetroot risotto with truffles doesn’t need any filters).

Just a minute walk left from the town gate, all the way down the promenade, there is a restaurant- pizzeria Riva. From the end of April to November, the Riva gives you pleasure to enjoy the Mediterrannean flavours in a relaxing family atmosphere.

Foto: Restoran Riva (link)

For an evening out, you can surprise your taste buds with exclusive specialties, so you should listen to Michelin’s recommendation and visit il Ponte where you can experience traditional cuisine in a modern way.

At Restaurant il Ponte, we offer an inviting and diverse dining experience. We take pride in offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere that combines stunning scenery with exceptional culinary delights. We are awarded with a recommendation from Michelin Guide Croatia and have Gault&Millau 3 tokes. 

If you want to experience traditional cuisine in a modern way, we are the right place. il Ponte offers a variety of dishes, but also has a tasting menu in courses with or without wine pairing.

Foto/web: il Ponte (link)

This pearl of the Adriatic abounds in restaurants. Some of them stick to the traditional menu with battered fish and pasticada, while others engage in experiments combining traditional and contemporary cuisine. The food comes to your plate from the nearby fish market, which offers fresh fish every day, colourful open market and local butchers’.

“Capo” is a charming family restaurant in the center of old Trogir. Known and recognized by many tourists as something different. Something which makes “Capo” different from the other is the atmosphere of unique Dalmatia, framed with walls of the ancient ruined house.

Foto: Restaurant Capo (link)

You can also treat yourself to dinner in one of Trogir’s marinas or in restaurants on the Čiovo side of Trogir, from where you can enjoy the view while tasting food and some of the best Croatian wines and aperitifs.

There are plenty ways to taste Trogir, you just have to come!

Rafiol recipe