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A guided tour of Trogir

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Many visitors come to our office and wonder how they can best see Trogir without getting lost in the narrow streets - although I believe the best way to see Trogir is exactly that - get lost in the streets because that is when you can discover things that aren't listed in any tour guide book about Trogir - details on the stone family houses, clotheslines hanging on original stone hedges, flowers growing out of the cracks in the walls, old towns ladies talking to their cats... All the small unwritten details that make this city alive, the romance of it.

But to get you as close as we can to discovering that side of Trogir, follow these steps and try and catch those moments.

1. Enter the town of Trogir through the NORTH GATE and step into one of the most preserved Romanesque-Gothic towns of Central Europe. Right in front of you is the Town Museum.

2. Explore the history of the town within the walls of the TOWN’S MUSEUM and discover what was once here. Aside from the preserved historical artifacts, you can also walk through the historical house of the Garagnin family.

3. Once you have peeled your eyes away from the beauty of the Museum, you take a right and slowly walk through the stone streets that will take you to the SMALL and BIG ĆIPIKO


4. A visit to Trogir cannot be completed without walking through the entrance of the SAINT LAWRENCE Cathedral through the RADOVAN’S PORTAL which dates from the 13th century, a masterpiece of Croatian Medieval art.

5. After a short coffee break on the TOWN’S SQUARE of St. John, visit the TOWN HALL and in its fairytale interior and try to find the only remaining lion’s head from the Venetian time. HINT: Cats hate water

6. Now walk down to the TOWN’S LOGGIA, once a courthouse, and enjoy the typical Dalmatian a cappella singing.

7. Following the town’s main street you will reach the benedictine monastery of SAINT

NICHOLAS from the 11th century and you can visit its art collection with an emphasis on the KAIROS, the Greek God of the happy moment from the 3rd century BC.

8. Passing through the SOUTH GATE, with wooden doors from the 16th century, walk onto the promenade, take a deep breath, and take in the salty air enjoying the view of the sea, palm trees, and anchored ships.

9. Visit the church of ST. DOMINIC from the 14th century with its connecting monastery that holds a beautiful cloister and garden (several movie scenes were filmed here).

10. Finish your tour with the KAMERLENGO CASTLE, a Venetian fortress from the 15th century which offers a stunning view from the top.

Did you take your time and look around you while following the steps? Did you see any details that fascinated you?

Maybe you have suggestions on what to add to the tour? Send us your ideas at !

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