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I've seen all the historic sites, now what?

Updated: May 3, 2021

So you've seen all the monumental sites of the city and now you have some time to spare. Either it be a few hours or a few days, here are some ideas on where to spend them.


Do you know you can see three islands in one day? You can depart from the island Čiovo, watch it from afar as you go towards the Drvenik islands where you can swim in the beautiful turquoise sea and end the trip on the island Šolta for a short walk in the olive gardens. All this includes a lunch package and a day in the sun! There are various offers for fish picnics; The three island tour as above mentioned, and others go to either one or both islands, all with the same promise - an unforgettable day in the sea under the sun.

How to book? Where to find them?

There is a stretch on the promenade, just after the Čiovo bridge with booths where you can book your trip. You can also try online on sites such as GetYourGuide, or check out tourist agencies in Trogir for more information.


Trogir has a natural and unique historic setting, and as such can be used as a platform for various movie scenes. You can check the IMDB for a list of movies filmed in Trogir but I will help you find some scenes. Aside from some oldies such as Stealing heaven (1988), Orson Welles's movie from 1969. “The Merchant of Venice”, the Italian film ''La strada lunga un anno'' (1958), which was nominated for an Oscar, and ''Winnetou: The Last Shot'' (1965) there are a few more modern sites you can check out:

DR.WHO - The scenes were for the episodes ''The Vampires of Venice'', ''Vincent and the Doctor'' and ''Cold blood''. You can check here to see what exact scenes were filmed here.

JONATHAN STRANGE & MR NORRELL - In the TV series, Jonathan Strange travels to Venice and this was filmed in Trogir. If you follow this link you can see photos of the shooting in real-time that can give you an idea if you are at the right spot.

GAME OF THRONES - The trading harbor of Qarth, where Khaleesi’s dragons were imprisoned by warlocks of Qarth in season 2. was filmed in Kaštela - the Kaštilac fort in Kaštel Gomilica, but the lovely garden of St.Dominic's monastery was used for numerous scenes as well. You can check out all the scenes in Croatia here.


There are beautiful spots all around Trogir where you can go diving or snorkeling, but if you want to see something really special you can see the World's only Via Crucis underwater museum - its a unique diving experience, it's like you are in an underwater museum, and it's great for absolute beginners or experienced divers. They also have a ''No Stress Zone'' newly built beach & Aqua park. You can check out all the information on Blue Nautica.

Have some ideas on what to do in Trogir with your spare time? Share your thoughts with us on so we can add them to our next list.

Hope you are having a great holiday!

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