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Blue lagoon

Trogir is a small island connected to the mainland with a bridge from the north and to the island of Čiovo by a bridge from the south. Incorporated into the Trogir region are two islands - Drvenik Veli and Drvenik Mali - known for their beautiful beaches in the area referred to as the Blue Lagoon. Here you can experience the clear sky changing colors ranging from hues of blue to green above its sandy bottom.
Are you in search of a get-away, a day for a picnic, love get-away or a day alone with the family? Choose the Drvenik islands! They are highly recommended.

Our lady of Prizidnice is the ‘‘keeper of our sea and sailors’’. In the 16th century, priests from Poljica chose a desolate point on the steep cliffs on the island of Čiovo and built a shrine dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. Above the entrance carved in the wall are two stone tablets bearing witness to its history. Juraj Stoidražić, a hermit priest, who arrived in 1546 and built this temple, making the place a safe haven for hermit priests who dedicated their lives to prayer and penance. The church today is uninhabited and is located on the south-east end of the island on a cliff above the sea. Only four times a year a pilgrimage is held in the church where locals come to hear the mass. From here you can see the islands Brač and Šolta. It provides the best location for gazing at the sun while it is rising or setting.

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bike & trail

Čiovo’s bike and hiking routes are apx. 70km long. On a clear day, while riding or hiking, one can view the open sea and visually connect with the islands of Šolta, Brač, and even Vis. There will be no shortage of olive trees or vineyards since Čiovo’s major source of income in the Greek era was in the production of olive oil and wine.
Imagine an early summer morning, the sky is clear, the air is fresh and you are walking through fields of olive trees on the island Čiovo. Maybe you just parked your bike to take a selfie with the islands of Šolta and Brač in the background.

Trogir offers many options for visiting the trails; you can rent a bike, a scooter, a buggy, or have a guided tour of the island. 

You can check out the trails here.

Each beach offers its assortment of picnic areas, cafes, restaurants or lounges. All you have to do is choose the most beautiful beach with the bluest sky on a day the sky is the bluest and let the day plan its own course.
Tip: Along the beaches and streets of Trogir there are many tourist booths that can help you plan your days: fish picnics, trips, excursions, renting boats, bikes, etc.

What a fulfilling choice for a day to put your mind to pasture - rent a kayak, pedal around, let the colors of blue sink into your mind and body with a good chance of a dolphin coming to greet you.
The hues of blue can best be seen underwater, while the sun dances on the surface from sunrise to sunset.
Trogir and its surrounding area offer you the opportunity to go diving - ranging from discovery dives to night diving for the more experienced. So take this opportune moment - Kairos - to dive into the deep blue and explore the sea life; multiple species of fish, plants, and clams.
On the cliffs of the Island of Čiovo an opportunity to pet a lobster might present itself.



The Mlinice Pantan is situated between Split and Trogir and represent the unique connection between nature and history. The renovated renaissance mlinice (little mills) has the features of a fortification and is an important example of industrial architecture. The Mlinice rely on more than 12 little sources that form a lake, and all of this into the wider sea laguna. Pantan is the habitat of many fish and bird species and autochthonous plants. This ichthyological-ornithological reserve today is a real tourist attraction, and there is also a restaurant of local and international specialties and a supreme quality wine list. Pantan also offers unique accommodation within the small mill's fortress. The best season for swamp bird watching is during autumn because Pantan is an important migration location.


The island of Trogir is surrounded by the islands Šolta, Brač, Drvenik and many other smaller islands, coves, and beaches. This makes Trogir very appealing if you want to explore the depths of the sea and sea life. Organized trips to different sites and islands are available so you will be able to enjoy the colorful walls overgrown with all kinds of corals, sponges, gorgonian (yellow and very rare red gorgonian), caves, wrecks and rich flora and fauna of the perfectly clean Adriatic.

There are two diving centers in Trogir which can make this possible. Both are situated in Trogir and you can find all the necessary information on the following links: 

Trogir Diving Centar and Blue Nautica.


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