Kairos collection

    The Church of St. Nicholas (and the Kairos Collection of Art) are built on the foundations of older smaller churches and the southern gate of the antique town, with the stylistic features ranging from Romanesque period to Baroque. It is an integral part of the only preserved women’s Benedictine monastery founded in 1064, founded for noblewomen. The bell tower with lacy, stone grids, work of the stonemason’s family of Tripun Bokanić from the island of Brač, was erected at the end of the 16th century. Inside it is richly decorated in the Baroque style, with stucco decorations and portraits of the saints by the painter Nicolo Grassi (original paintings are in the Kairos Collection of Art).


     On the southern wall of the monastery’s courtyard, there is the oldest Greek inscription built in (2nd century B.C.) mentioning the names of people who performed public services. The very courtyard was turned into a small stone exhibition from which one enters into the Kairos Collection of Art, whose most valuable exhibit is the relief with the figure of Kairos, a deity of the happy moment created in the period between the 4th and 3rd century B.C. In the exhibition, there are stone fragments found during archaeological research in the church itself and heritage in paintings, silver, church vestments, manuscripts etc. It is to be emphasized that, in the Monastery, the first Croatian songbook of old authors was found - Vartal, that was collected by Petar Lucić (nowadays in the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences in Zagreb - HAZU).


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