The Island Drvenik Veli belongs to the cluster of Middle Dalmatian islands and stretches over the area of 11,36km2 with the costal line 23,885km long. Its highest peak is Buhalj (178m) and the center of the island is the village Drvenik Veliki. The island administratively belongs to Trogir. Between the Island and the main land is the Drvenik channel, west is Drvenik Mali with whom shares the ravine Drvenik Gate. South East from Drvenik is the island of Šolta sharing the Šolta channel. Around the island there are many smaller islands: Malta, Mali and Veliki Krknjaš, Mačaknar and Orud. The coast line is full of sunny and sandy beaches out of which worth mentioning are: Grabule, Solinska and Pernatica. By the island Krknjaši on the East side of the island there is a beautiful sandy lagoon ideal for anchoring, and well known destination for day trips, also known as Blue Lagoon.



The Island Drvenik Mali belongs to the same cluster as Drvenik Veli and stretches over the area of 3,43km2 with the costal line 12,024km long. Its highest peak is Glavica (79m). The island administratively belongs to Trogir. The island is inhabited and has a few smaller locations: Borak, Velika and Mala Rina, Dolići, Petomavar and the inner island has Velika and Mala Kuknara. All events happen in the harbor of Borak. The islanders call their island Ploča (plaque or tablet).



All this geographical and nautical information becomes oblivious once you step onto either island. They are still mainly untouched and have managed to keep their purity on its coast, vegetation, and habitats. Here you can capture the nature in its true sense – crystal clean water, sandy beaches, Mediterranean vegetation, domestic fruit trees, olive trees – truly untouched making it perfect to relax and enjoy your holiday

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